Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos Ferry Tickets

Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos Ferry Tickets

Find useful information about ferry tickets, timetables, ferries, ferry companies, prices, travel time and distance for the route Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos.

Monday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Monday12:15 – 18:45Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS
Monday15:00 – 15:15Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSEXPR SKIATHOS
Tuesday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Tuesday15:30 – 16:00Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS
Wednesday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Wednesday15:00 – 15:15Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSEXPR SKIATHOS
Wednesday18:15 – 18:45Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS
Thursday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Thursday15:30 – 16:00Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS
Friday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Friday12:15 – 18:45Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS
Friday16:10 – 16:40Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSEXPR SKIATHOS
Saturday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Saturday16:15 – 16:45Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS
Sunday07:35 – 07:50Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSFLYINGCAT 4
Sunday16:10 – 16:40Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosHELLENIC SEAWAYSEXPR SKIATHOS
Sunday18:00 – 18:30Skopelos (Glossa) – SkiathosANESPROTEUS

* Timetables may be altered without notice. To find the itinerary you want and book your ferry tickets from Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos, use the search form at the top of the page.

Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos ferry timetable

There is no specific timetable for the route Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos, due to last minute changes made by ferry operators, as well as seasonal changes. Typically, from beginning of May to late October ferry connections are more frequent. At Bookferry we make sure that we provide you with the most updated information for the ferry connection between Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos.

How much is the ferry for Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos?

Ferry cost for the itinerary Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos depends on various factors such as the ferry operator, ferry type (high speed or conventional), seat type (i.e. standard, business, VIP), whether you will be transporting a car or a motorbike etc. Use our handy search form to compare ferry ticket prices and explore offers for the itinerary Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos.

How long is the ferry for Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos?

Trip duration for Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos depends on the ferry operator and ferry type you choose. The conventional ferry for Skopelos (Glossa) to Skiathos covers the distance in more time, while on the other hand, a high speed ferry (if available) can decrease sailing time significantly.

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