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Book cheap ferry tickets to Kasos, the southernmost island of the Dodecanese.

Kasos is an island for travelers who seek a more peaceful environment. A virgin island with less tourism that is not going to disappoint you. The natural beauty of the island, the caves and the churches will amaze you.

The capital and port of Kasos is Fry, an area with nice and clean water where locals and visitors can enjoy a swim. Generally it is an island full of beaches. It is worth taking a boat ride to the south of the island in Avlaki, Chochlakia and Elatros. There you’ll find beaches that give you the feeling that you are on an exotic island. In addition Kasos is an island with many archaeological sites, full of tradition and museums for those who love history.

Evenings in Kasos are as serene as the mornings. Good food and wine is the combination of an evening outing on an island that those who have visited will keep it in their hearts forever.

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How to get to Kasos
Kasos is a distant destination. Ferries depart from Piraeus Port, mainly during the summer months, for the port of Kasos and the trip duration is approximately 10 hours.
Kasos Port (KSJ)
Fry is the port of the island, where the cove of Boukas is located, which has been a pirate haven in the past. Now it's just the fishermen's refuge. In Fry you will find a bus that takes all over the island and a few taxis that you may have to wait for as the demand is high during the summer months.
Kasos connections to other islands (ports)
Kasos has a ferry connection with Piraeus, Anafi, Heraklion Crete and Karpathos.
Transportation in Kasos
Kasos is an island where you will never find traffic. There are few vehicles as most people move on foot. There is a city bus that runs to all the villages of the island and a few taxis. For the remote beaches of the island you can use the water taxis combining your swim with a beautiful boat ride.

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