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Book cheap ferry tickets to Andros, one of the most traditional Cycladic islands, just one hour from Rafina.

Andros is a very traditional Cycladic island with beautiful villages, paved alleys and great natural beauty, as well as a youthful destination with intense nightlife. It’s a destination worth visiting for several days to help you see them all

For lovers of relaxation and stress release you can find the picturesque hamlets that are dominated by greenery and the beauty of nature, but also forests with waterfalls, springs and beautiful beaches.

If you are a lover of fun then stay in Batsi that is famous for its cosmopolitan environment and nightlife. Whichever holiday style you prefer, however, surely you should visit the many sights of the island.

Visit Miloi, where you can see the great presence of large quantities of water, but also the Tower of St. Peter, the Archaeological Museum of Palaeopolis, the Archaeological Museum in Chora, the many majestic monasteries, the habitats and the Medieval Castle, reminiscent of another aristocratic era.

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How to get to Andros
In Andros, there are easy and convenient ferry schedules from the port of Rafina and the surrounding islands. There are many routes, especially during the summer months, at regular intervals. From Rafina, the journey lasts about 2 hours unless you use the speedboat which is about 1 hour.
Port of Andros (AND)
The main port of Andros is Gavrio. Because of the strong winds in the wider region, the port of Andros is built with the appropriate infrastructure on the north of the island to provide natural cover. In Gavrio you will find plenty of cafes, bars, shops and traditional taverns. Do not hesitate to buy local sweets from the traditional candyshop!
Ferry connections from/to Andros
The coastal connections to the port of Andros are with Rafina, Mykonos , Syros and Tinos.
Transportation in Andros
Andros has a very good road network and you can easily visit all the villages as well as almost all the beaches with the frequent bus routes of the island. Apart from the buses, there are many taxis for your travels on this very big island. Alternatively, you can also rent small boats to find the most inaccessible beaches. Due to the very large size of the island, it would be best to get your own car for greater comfort and flexibility.

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